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Project HADEN

This project explores the use of Virtual Reality as an intuitive and expressive spatial design medium through the physical embodiment of design interfaces.

An Architect's Dream

A proof of concept for generating haptic feedback by overlapping real and virtual objects, which utilizes both Lighthouse and optiTrack tracking system.


In this study, we explored novel UI/UX approaches for VR, which will later form a library of UI/UX vocabulary for more intuitive and efficient VR experiences.

Project Viriditas

A virtual reality experience that visualizes the structure of a deployable autonomous Mars habitat which is capable of sustaining plants life on the red planet.

Global Thermonuclear Lawn Dart

"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. Would you like a nice game of Global Thermonuclear Lawn Dart?"

VR Kayking

One thing current VR games lack the most is the haptics. Our approach makes the user play the game in a more engaging way.


A virtual reality plugin for Rhinoceros 3D. The goal is to integrate virtual reality into architects' workflow.

Plant bot

A chat bot built with Slack API that monitors plant health status with an infrared camera and temperture humidity sensors.

Portal Cam

Portal Cam connects different places and different time. It conveys the moment by something physical rather than digital.

Robot's Love

Performed by two robots. It represents the search through the world that people start out doing before falling in love.

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